Time to Put Uranus Out Into the World

Well folks, today, after years of mad anticipation from the music-loving masses, Amniotic Buzzsaw is proud is release our debut album With Pluto Gone, What’s to Become of Uranus? 

We’re pretty proud of this beast. We hope you like it.

You can download it by following the Bandcamp link. We want you to have it. And we want you to share it.

Will there be more Buzzsaw music in the future? There damn well better be.

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Hello, welcome to the Amniotic Buzzsaw site. We’ve got an album we’re excited to share with you. We recorded it a while ago and then got distracted by real world obligations and forgot to finish it. It’s finished now. We hope you like it and share it with your friends.

This was an experimental creative process of sorts, and we think the story of making this album ultimately makes the album more interesting. To learn more about what we did to make this album, check out “the Buzzsaw Way.

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