The Story


Amniotic Buzzsaw started as a side project between Jake “The Freedom” and Chas “Choppy” Hoppe as a way to take a break from the grueling strictures of grad school. Though Buzzsaw has never played live, the band was surprisingly prolific (especially given the constraints on time) and has since written and recorded thirteen songs. These are the first ten. All songs were guided by what came to be known as “the Buzzsaw Way,” a philosophy for continually taking risks in songwriting, staying in the beginner’s mindset, and remembering the most important part of music: beer. 

No, that’s not right…it wasn’t beer; I think it was fun. Or maybe I really did mean beer. Hell, if I were to make a Venn Diagram, and one circle was fun, and the other was beer, there would be some serious overlap. Anyway, you get what I mean.

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