The Buzzsaw Way


“The Buzzsaw Way” is a process of obstruction, following the idea that sometimes you can be more creative if you deliberately impose limits on your writing process.

With us, it also began as a way of getting to know each other as musicians, offering us quick writing prompts designed to short-circuit the inevitable uncertainty and naysaying of producing a creative work.

Once a song was underway and the obstruction was agreed upon, we weren’t really allowed to say no to an idea, no matter how ridiculous it seemed or how uncomfortable it made us. To further ensure we felt less inhibited about the writing process, we always had plenty of beer and wine on hand.

Each song followed a different prompt, each of which you can learn about by clicking the links below, or selecting a song from the drop-down menu above. Some songs worked out better than others, but all of them make us smile, and they have yielded a body of work that neither of us would have ever dreamed of producing on our own.

Tracklisting for With Pluto Gone, What’s to Become of Uranus?

  1. Clusterfuck Jones
  2. Elvis Was a Freemason
  3. We Put the Mess in Messiah
  4. Marital Discord
  5. Kitchenettes
  6. Don’t Cramp Us, Krampus!
  7. Trust Falling
  8. Another Attempt at Failure
  9. Trade-Ins
  10. Transmission

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